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 I am busy turning and carving wood  harvested from Chinsegut Hill Manor, red gum, long leaf pine and camphor. Each wood is wildly different in character, each with a story to tell. The historical significance of the people who lived at Chinsegut Hill in the early 1900s is quite amazing. I work with a great amount of reverence turning this wood and hope that each vessel will spark an interest in learning more about Chinsegut Hill Manor, Raymond and Margaret RobinsElizabeth Robins and Lisa von Borowsky. Throughout this web site there are links providing you with more information about wood, history and the  people who nurtured the trees that made this Chinsegut Wood.   Craig Quirolo
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Elizabeth Robins
Raymond Robins
Cinsegut Hill Manor
A new series of Moon Bowls celebrating planet earth is in production. These bowls are turned, carved and are colored with a gilding wax.  Moon bowls reflect the uninhabited nature of the moon that gives rise to an unfettered  appreciation of our planet. Great for meditation or offerings. Protect our planet,  it is the only home we have.
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