Studio Quirolo

  Liberty Street spalted pecan.

                      'Gravitational Pulse'
                               7" wide X 6" tall. 

Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, spalting can also occur under stressed tree conditions or even in living trees. Although spalting can cause weight loss and strength loss in the wood, the unique coloration and patterns of spalted wood are sought after by woodworkers. 

'Stabilizing' is a process that stops the decaying process in wood that generally involves saturating the wood with an oil, varnish or other type of finish that kills the fungi. This particular piece has been saturated with a unique boatbuilders penetrating epoxy that  kills the fungi and super strengthens the wood. It has been finished with a glossy polyurethane.
​                                  private collection
                        Chinsegut Gold
                                   The Chinsegut Collection
                                        Chinsegut red gum
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