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Raymond Robin's red gum trees grew from 1907 until sometime in the early 1980s when a prolonged freeze killed them. They were approximately 73 years old
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Moon Bowl #l   $350.
This vessel is made from Chinsegut red gum planted by Raymond Robins as part of a wind break for the Chinsegut Hill Manor 1907. The wood has been air dried for over 30 years and bears signs of aging on the stump in Central Florida.
The red gum trees were fell  in 2014.

Red gum is a very tight grained wood known for it's durability and beauty.

There is a bit of termite damage scattered about this piece that adds a unique character to the bowl.
This vessel measures 8" at it widest and is about 5" tall. It weighs 3lb 8oz rather heavy for it's size.
There are scallops carved around the base of this vessel. 
Distortions in the wood accent the moon scape very nicely.
Gilding wax is used to color the wood.