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Chinsegut  red gum 
The picture above illustrates a red gum forest in its  homeland Australia.
American novelist, feminist activist, Ibsen              actress, sufferage lobbyst
and purchaser of Chinsegut Hill Manor 
Chinsegut red gum scalloped wishing vase
             About Chinsegut Red Eucalyptus wood.

Eucalyptus tereticornis, Eucalyptus blakelyi ssp. blakelyi. Family: Myrtaceae
Local names
Blue gum, red gum, red iron gum.
Description and natural occurrence
A medium to tall forest tree attaining 20 to 50 m in height and up to 2 m in stem diameter. The trunk is usually straight and clear for more than half its height. The major limbs are more steeply inclined than in other eucalypt species. The bark surface is smooth with white, grey and bluish patches where bark pieces have been shed. Rough dark grey to black dead bark is retained at the base of the stem

In 1907 Col Raymond Robins planted red gum trees on the Chinsegut Hill Manor property near Brooksville, Florida in an attempt to create a windbreak for the manor house. In the early 1980s the 70 year old trees died in a prolonged freeze and were left standing until 2014 when the manor property was restored. The trees had air dried for over 30 years and were subject to a bit of termite intrusion.  
Chinsegut Hill restoration 2014
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Moon Bowl  made from Chinsegut red gum.